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The Workshop on Open Research, Open Access, and Copyright, led by Stefan Kasberger (OKFN AT, Open Science @ Uni Graz, Open Science ASAP), Joachim Losehand (Creative Commons AT, Vibe!AT), and Michela Vignoli (AIT, Austrian Institute of Technology), was part of theVerwertungswerkstatt 2013, a training Event organised for the students representing the Austrian National Student Union.

The aim of the workshop was to give an overview of Open Science (i.e. Open Research) and its aspects, with a special focus on Copyright law and Open Access. The experts introduced some examples of Open Educational Resources, the various Creative Commons Licenses, and current Best Practices as well. The students had the opportunity to practise publishing their own research output under a free license, as well as finding and re-using open content on-line.

A short report about the workshop is available in a blog-post in German. The presentations by Michela Vignoli are available under a free license (German). The presentations give a basic overview of Open Access and Scientific Writing, and of Altmetrics and Open Peer Review:

Worldcafé: How can Open Science be promoted?

... in the public

... at Universities

... by the Austrian National Students Union

... on educational policy level

All pictures are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License and are available on Flickr.



Email: michela.vignoli (at)

Twitter: @iea_ioi

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